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Following treatment, it is important to follow the instructions below;


  • change your pillowcase

  • avoid prolonged and/or excessive exposure to the sun for the next few days

  • apply mineral sunscreen at appropriate intervals (mineral and 50FPS as a priority)

  • apply hyaluronic acid, cream and sun protection as required if treatment is performed in the morning, and hyaluronic acid and cream if treatment is performed in the evening (by the specialist)

  • do not touch the skin for 4 hours

  • apply hyaluronic acid if skin appears dry or sensitive after 4 hours

For 24 hours following treatment;



cleanse skin the next day and apply mineral sunscreen


continue moisturizing as needed


avoid products such as toners or exfoliators, as well as products with active ingredients or fragrances

do not apply make-up 

For 72 hours following treatment:

  • continue to moisturize your skin morning and night, and as needed

  • avoid all products with active ingredients

  • avoid anything that could create sweat, spas and the sun 

  • apply mineral and oil-free make-up only when necessary

For 3 to 5 days following treatment:

  • direct or prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided

  • apply an SPF of at least 30 within a suitable timeframe

Après 7 jours, le client peut retourner à sa routine habituelle.

Avant la procédure de micro aiguillage, il est primordial d'éviter tout traitement de laser, de dermopigmentation, d’injectables ou de IPL pendant 2 semaines. Aussi, vous ne devez pas vous exposer excessivement au soleil 2 semaines avant le soin. Tous principes actifs pouvant augmenter la sensibilité de la peau (rétinol, acides, exfoliants, crèmes topiques) ainsi que tous types d’épilation doivent être arrêtés 7 jours avant le soin. Éviter tous médicaments anti inflammatoires 3 jours avant la procédure et tous médicaments anticoagulants 7 jours avant. 

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