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Facial care

Because we all have different needs and realities, it's necessary to have multiple treatments that meet your expectations: basic treatments and more advanced treatments. Starting with treatments like relaxation facials, blemish facials or even anti-aging, as well as more specialized treatments like microneedling or chemical peels. Whichever treatment you choose, they are all developed to deliver the best results, thanks to exceptional products: AlumierMd. The treatment always begins with a consultation with our specialist and ends with access to an epidermal strategy to support your beauty routine at home.

Body care

What could be better than taking time for yourself and taking care of your body? It's possible to receive both relaxing and therapeutic massages with our massage therapist. Understanding your needs is at the heart of what we do, so we can exceed your expectations and take care of all the elements that will make your treatment a perfect moment. The same applies to maderotherapy. A body massage that promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce cellulite, heavy legs and more. Gone are the little imperfections that can be so distracting. The great thing about this treatment is that not only does it make a real difference physically, but it also brings a sense of well-being.  


Nail care

Who'd have thought it was possible to combine healthy nails, good hold and perfect looks? Well, we'd like to introduce you to our Elim and Bio Sculpture treatments! It's not just about looks, it's also about what's behind your treatment. Treating your nails, strengthening them and giving them the look you want is now possible. If you're having trouble with the calluses on your feet, we've got the solution too - a pedicure that's far more effective and long-lasting than anything you've ever experienced - Mediheel!


What if it were possible to have results, safety and efficiency like you've never seen before? That's the case with our new Elite IQ™ laser. Able to destroy your unwanted hair quickly and permanently, treat all skin types and, above all, all year round, the Elite IQ™ can also help you with your skin disorders. Goodbye pigmentary disorders, vascular disorders, textured skin or enlarged pores, inflammation and much more!



Perfection through delicacy. It's possible to wake up every morning with your best self thanks to dermopigmentation. Whether it's to correct asymmetries, add a veil of color or highlight a particular area, this treatment can create harmony on your face without anyone else being able to realize it.  Dermopigmentation is a tattooing of the skin using selected pigments and, of course, a single-use surgical needle. Depending on the area, this treatment can take from 45 minutes to 2h30. The aim of this treatment is to offer you a natural result that ages well over time.

Hair removal

The solution to all unwanted hair for results lasting up to 3 weeks. By choosing the type of wax that's right for you, you can go for efficiency as well as comfort. Using the best waxes on the market, we minimize unwanted effects and promote long-lasting results. 


Lash lift

How can you say no to highlighting your eyes and eyebrows?  Eyebrow enhancement, or brow lamination, is the solution for eyebrows that go in all directions and aren't emphasized. This treatment allows you to position and discipline them in any way you choose, depending on your mood of the month. Lash enhancement; the best way to minimize maintenance while making your lashes visible with the curl of your choice and the added tint. This treatment can be repeated every month and a half and takes less than 45 minutes!

Eyelash extensions

Who wouldn't want to wake up every morning with that perfect look? No more mascara, eyelash extensions are always done naturally and with respect for the health of your natural lashes. Extensions make a real difference when it comes to enhancing your eyes. A very natural look is possible, but so is a more made-up look! Each eyelash treatment is performed with the best products and techniques on the market.

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