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Why a health clinic?


Because it's not just about giving you beauty treatments or doing your nails. Everything is calculated to offer you the best. Exceeding your expectations and ensuring your satisfaction is at the heart of our mission.


EsthétiK has 3 pillars on which everything is created, quality, expertise and customer service.


Because everything is calculated, each product and technology is specially selected and considered so that it is the best on the market.


Our nail products; vegan, maintain contact with air and water, recognized as a 5-star product and free of the 10 most common chemicals in nail polishes, or our skin products; a medical range that stands out in the field.


Technologies; the latest innovations, tested, proven and delivering guaranteed results.


Whether it's eyelash enhancement or laser, we work with the best products.



Because it is essential for our team to understand the how and why in order to be able to better support you in your process but above all to adapt each treatment to you and your real needs.


Continuing training and development are therefore key to personalizing our offer and meeting your real needs. The world of aesthetics is evolving rapidly and we must stay ahead of the curve. In order for you to make more informed choices, educating our customers is essential to us.


Nothing better than finally understanding what is happening, hence we believe in the transfer of knowledge and want to take the time to support you in this.


Because getting to know yourself, understanding what you like and what makes you feel good is essential for us. Our goal is to offer you the best service before, during and after the sale.


The aspect of safety and comfort when you take time for yourself at the clinic is important and we are eager to offer you the best service, you are a priority at all times!


High-end service is award-winning at the clinic and we continually work to create an extraordinary experience that adapts to each of you!

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