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Dermopigmentation, a treatment that lets you be the best version of yourself, every time!


Dermopigmentation is a procedure involving the insertion of pigment through one or more needles (skin puncture) for a result that lasts over time.


The aim is to create a subtle result in harmony with your face.


Several areas can be treated, both aesthetically and medically.


Our technician is an expert in the field and will advise you in order to offer you the best service and results. 

The dermopigmentation service is performed by Kelly Plante, an experienced dermopigmentation artist who offers exceptional customer service, using the most advanced and efficient tools and technology.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to do this service if I already have permanent make-up? 


The pigment is inserted by making an incision in the skin (cutting the skin).


How long does the result last?


Between 2 and 5 years before it fades considerably. Many factors come into play (age, region, state of health, etc.).

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