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In the 48 hours following the treatment, it is recommended to:

  • do not put anything on the eyes (water, makeup or other)

  • avoid steam (do not take a hot shower or sauna for example)

  • do not rub eyelashes or remove hairspray

  • do not sleep on eyelashes

When doing an eyelash lift, it is important to always go in the direction of the lift, so if you are wearing mascara, remove it upwards and not downwards for example.

The use of oil is not prohibited, simply consider that its frequent use could minimize the hold of the enhancement due to the weight it could place on the eyelashes. ​ ​ To promote the health of eyelashes as well as the desired look, we advise clients to respect the time limit of 6 to 8 weeks between treatments. We also recommend adding a suitable maintenance product to moisturize them.

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