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Kelly Plante

Owner & Artist in Dermopigmentation

“I have over 12 years' experience in the esthetics field, and my thirst for learning has driven me to complete dozens of esthetics specializations, including a specialization in advanced esthetics (technologies), obtain a bachelor's degree in business administration and start a DESS in entrepreneurship and innovation.


My specialization is my favorite: dermopigmentation!

Over the past few years, I've taken international training courses with the best in the business, which has enabled me to perfect my technique.


My goal is to enhance your beauty, not transform it. I want to give you the satisfaction you deserve. 


What motivates me is the human capacity to surpass oneself and accomplish absolutely anything one truly desires.”

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Marie Durand

Esthetician & Administration

Isn’t daily well-being the fundamental element in everyone’s life? This is my firm conviction. Taking time for yourself, feeling accomplished, good in your body and in your mind, leads to confidence and optimism. With nearly 10 years of experience in aesthetic care and after having created my beauty salon in the south of France, I am honored to now combine passion and technique in order to enhance the faces and silhouettes of our dear clients EsthetiK, with attention, rigor and professionalism. My mission is simple: to listen to you, advise you in the best possible way and provide you with meticulous, diligent care that you won't get anywhere else." ​ Currently outside the country, I take care of the administration and accounting of the company remotely. I look forward to seeing you again!

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“My long-term dream is to work in a beauty salon, and now I'm ready to grow and offer quality services in this field. My professional goal is to provide EsthétiK Beauty Salon customers with the best possible services and make them happy through my work. I believe in the power of beauty and its impact on people's well-being and self-confidence.


What motivates me is to create a pleasant and relaxing environment for customers, where they can unwind and enjoy personal care. My motivation is to help people feel better, improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem. As a mother, I also want my daughter to see me as an example of hard work, dreams and continuous improvement.” 

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Marion Drouard


"Having just arrived from France, I speak French and would like to improve my English with you. I am a smiling and determined person with more than 15 years of experience in different sectors of aesthetics. In France I have notably been beautician in a 4* Hotel, teacher, then on my own with home services. ​


Facials delight me because during a treatment you will obtain results thanks to the techniques and products while savoring this moment of relaxation, but I love the overall aspect of my job. My versatility allows me to never get bored. ​


I like to progress in my field in order to be connected to the constantly evolving reality and spend time with my family, play sports, go into nature, discover new places, travel is and will remain a true passion In my opinion."

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Laurie Descollongues-Bertrand


“I'm determined to prove that we beauticians do one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. Always attentive to your needs, I'm convinced that well-being is the key to happiness.


With 13 years' experience in the world of beauty, I am qualified in general esthetics - massage therapy - high technology - professional make-up and certified as a trainer - animator - leader.


Seeing everyone who passes through my hands leave with a smile on their face and bringing out the beauty in everyone is what motivates me. “

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Noémy Duchesne


As a native of Lac-St-Jean, my passion for esthetics and my determination to become an outstanding esthetician brought me to Montreal to gain access to the best training available. I love the contact with customers, but I especially like knowing that you're enjoying a moment of well-being and/or relaxation. I love helping women feel beautiful in their own skin.

I'm a very curious and meticulous girl. I'm interested in everything and love to learn new things, while applying myself to the maximum in each treatment, in order to offer a wonderful experience. I have a penchant for all facial treatments, as well as eyelash enhancements that brighten up the eyes.

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