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Oil + lavender + vitamin blend (coming soon)

ETHOS LAVENDER BASE. ETHOS has the enhanced LAVENDER BASE. Designed to enrich fragile and damaged nails, it is formulated with rosemary leaf extract known for its soothing properties.

This pretty pale pink shade contains carefully selected oils and ingredients that can help treat and restore sensitive nails.

To be used as a nail polish base and popular as a lavender base treatment for damaged nails, two coats as a nourishing treatment also provide a beautiful soft nail color. A thin brush width can be applied to the center of the nail before a gel overlay.

Oil + calcium + vitamin blend (coming soon)

ETHOS SEAWEED CALCIUM BASE may promote flexibility and suppleness in hard, dry, and brittle nails.

Derived from red algae extract, it contains essential trace elements such as magnesium and zinc that can help strengthen the nail's keratin structures to increase flexibility and restore flexibility to brittle nails. It is ideal as a nail ridge filler, with natural inorganic fillers, silica, and mica leaving a smooth nail surface.

To be used on natural nails as a base or in two layers on ridged nails for a smoothing treatment with a beautiful soft color finish. A thin brush width can be applied under a gel layer.

Oil + kiwi scrub + vitamin blend (coming soon)

ETHOS KIWI SCRUB is a special Kiwi-scented scrub that can help remove dead nail cells.

KIWI SCRUB contains tiny alumina particles and passion fruit seed powder designed to exfoliate dry and rough nail surfaces. In addition to vitamins C and E, it also contains ginseng root extract, sunflower oil, and sweet almond oil that will moisturize and hydrate the nails. Use on all types of nails during nail preparation.

Apply to nails and cuticles to revitalize after polish or gel removal.

Kit Ethos Traitement

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