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After any phototechnology session, it's essential to apply post-treatment care products.
You'll find them here;

General informed consent


I request and authorize a photo hair removal or photo rejuvenation specialist at EsthétiK to perform on my person, a treatment using the Elite IQ™ laser.


On the day of treatment, it is preferable to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You may be asked to lie down on an examination table. The areas to be treated can be marked out with a marker before the session. As the area is not anaesthetized, you may experience some discomfort associated with laser treatment, described as a “rubber band snapping” against the skin, or a feeling of heat that may last a few hours. The treatment may also cause localized swelling, crusting, blistering or redness for a few days. 


You will care for the skin area(s) by gently cleansing daily with a mild cleanser and applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen (UVA/UVB) with SPF 30 or higher. The exposed area should be treated gently in the following days. I understand that sun exposure and failure to follow post-treatment instructions may increase the risk of complications. Several laser sessions may be necessary.  I have been informed that hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) are possible risks of the treatment.

The Elite IQ™ laser produces an intense burst of light that is absorbed by the targeted hair follicle or abnormal blood vessel without damaging surrounding tissue. The Elite IQ™ laser produces an intense burst of light that also targets age spots as well as skin rejuvenation. I and everyone in the treatment room will be required to wear eye protection to prevent any eye damage from this intense light. I understand that treatment results may vary from person to person. I am aware that the aim of vascular treatment is to try to remove, fade or significantly lighten veins. This treatment does not cure venous disease, nor does it prevent the development of other veins. I also understand that it's not a question of permanent hair removal, but rather of permanent removal of active, approximately 80% pigmented hair.

I have been fully and accurately informed about the procedure, the nature and the effects of the treatment.  I understand that the practice is not an exact science and that no results are guaranteed. I certify that no guarantee has been made by anyone concerning the treatment(s) I have requested and authorized. I understand that possible adverse effects may include bleeding, infection, scarring, skin contour irregularities, asymmetries and allergic reactions.  I understand the importance of pre- and post-treatment instructions and that any failure on my part to follow these instructions is likely to increase the likelihood of complications.

Cochez ce qui vous concerne parmi les choix suivants;
Utilisez-vous OU avez-vous utilisez Accutane (isotretinoïne) dans les 12 deniers mois?
Avez-vous reçu d'autres procédures esthétiques au niveau de la région traitée dans les 4 dernières semaines?
Avez-vous reçu des injections cosmétiques au niveau de la zone traitée il y a moins de 4 semaines ?
Avez-vous utilisé un auto bronzant sur la zone traitée dans les 2 dernères semanes ?
Utilisez-vous des actifs sur la région traitée? (AHA, Acide glycolique, Tretinoïde, Rétinol...) ?
Avez-vous du maquillage permanent/tatouage sur la région traitée?
Avez-vous déjà reçu un service de photoépilation?
Avez-vous déjà reçu un service de photorajeunissement?
EsthétiK se permet de prendre des photos avant et après le soin pour des fins internes et/ou de formation. Je permets au professionnel de partager les photos (de la zone traitée seulement) à des fins publicitaires (en story par exemple)

C'est envoyé. Merci.

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